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January 8, 2017

Since my last blog post, I have spent a lot of time thinking.  I realized that I still have four days worth of outfit photos left on my computer from my photo-shoot that I did with Christian last year that are not posted on my blog.  So I’ve decided that I am going to post the photographs out of respect to Christian as a token of my appreciation for all of his hard work/dedication and the time that he spent…

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3 Tips on How to Wear Menswear Inspired Clothes

Lately, I have really been into “menswear” inspired looks.  I love how it adds a masculine cool vibe, especially when incorporated with feminine pieces.  I have few tips and tricks for incorporating masculine pieces (you can go grand and do head to toe) or…

September 28, 2016
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New Years Eve Party Looks

I hope you have been having a great holidays with family and friends.  (I’ve spent a bit of time away from technology enjoying time with family and friends and recharging hence the delay in between blog posts.) And I know I say this a…

December 28, 2015