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How to Look Stylish in Winter + Stay Warm

January 18, 2016


I must admit as a west coast gal, I am a baby when it comes to handling cold winter weather.  I don’t remember our winters getting as cold as they do now (maybe I had more of a tolerance to it back in the day).  Regardless, dressing for winter (below zero degrees) while looking cute can be challenging.  (I don’t know how people living on the east coast of Canada handles it, but props to you all!)  Like most, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and when it comes to dressing/styling outfits for cold winter days, that was always my weakness.  I would always wear too many layers and end up looking like a giant marshmallow or not enough warm layers and freeze my tush off! (well not literally, but I figure you get what I mean) After much trial and error and some research, I finally feel like I have mastered dressing for cold winter weather while not freezing off all my limbs! Yay!

_DSC0108_DSC0070_DSC0032_DSC0065_DSC0127_DSC0132_DSC0061_DSC0005_DSC0059_DSC0087_DSC0058_DSC0019Wearing garage beanie (similar), jeans & sweater / TNA Avoriaz parka  / dynamite bag

Photography by Anna

  1. Invest in a quality jacket for winter.  I cannot stress this enough.  Wool coats are great but I find in below zero degrees weather they don’t keep me as warm as this jacket does.  This parka is one of the best investments I have ever made especially on chilly/windy days as it keep cold out and heat in and is water resistant.  Be sure to double check what the coat is lined with and what features it has for cold weather.
  2. Wear warm layers.  Jeans can still be warn in the winter depending on how cold it is.  If you still want to wear jeans and be warm in below freezing weather, I suggest wearing thermal pants underneath.  Warm cozy knit sweaters are perfect for warm layers.  I suggest wearing a tank top underneath in case you get hot and you can peel the layers off.
  3. Layer with different colors or shades.  Notice in this picture how I am not wearing all black or cream – I have layer with different colors as I am wearing a cream sweater, black jacket, grey beanie, brown boots and denmin. All of which make the outfit work.
  4. Wear proper footwear.  Depending on the weather conditions that you usually experience in winter, we usually get a lot more rain than snow so you might want to consider wearing a boot.  It could be an ankle boot, knee high or a boot lined with fur or warm lining.  Whatever style you choose, if your feet are cold the rest of your body will be cold so choose wisely!

What do you wear during the winter to stay warm?

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