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How to Pull off a Monochromatic Look

February 3, 2016


I am obsessed with wearing neutral tones lately (greys, blacks and whites) especially when it comes to wearing an outfit consisting all of one color tone (that is what Monochromatic means if you didn’t know). Ever since I cut out wearing colors, it has been so easy to dress but styling a monochromatic outfit can be challenging and if the color tones or textures don’t go well together, it can make the outfit not look put together.  Scroll through for a few tips on how to style a Monochromatic outfit.

_DSC0909 _DSC0928_DSC0914 _DSC0937_DSC0918_DSC0931_DSC0912wearing Forever 21 jacket (similar) / Club Monaco sweater (similar) / h&m skirt / jessica simpson heels (similar) / michael kors bag

Photography by Anna

  1.  Pick one color – whether it is black, grey or a neutral tone beige.  When it comes to black you want to make sure they are all the blackest black and not an off black or a faded black if you are going to do an all black look. (see tip #2 below for wearing all black together)  For mixing greys together, I suggest you wear different tones of grey – dark, light or medium grey together.
  2. Mix textures.  This is important if you are doing an all white or black look.  Mix leather, lace and fur together or silk, leather and denim.  The different textures will add depth to your look and break up the tones of your monochromatic look.
  3. Use accessories to break up the color palette of your look.  Notice how in my outfit, my shoes, bag and earrings are not all grey – I broke them up with black accessories.

What are some of your tips for successfully styling a monochromatic look?

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