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4 Tips on How to Make Casual Wear Look Cool

October 5, 2016

Do you want to look put together (and not frumpy) when in casual wear? Do you have days where you just want to throw on comfy clothes and run out the door? I can totally relate to how you are feeling! (I really do love my off-duty days too!) You may not know this, but usually you can find me roaming around the city in casual wear and sneakers.   An outfit that looks put together doesn’t require a lot of effort or time!  So scroll through to find out 3 tips on how to make casual wear look cool and of course, not frumpy! 😉


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Wearing Community dress (similar) / Aritzia slip dress (similar) / hollister jacket (similar) / converse sneakers / h&m bag (similar) / Daniel Wellington watch

Photographs by Christian Nambayan

4 Tips on How to Make Casual Wear Look Cool

  1. Fit of the Clothing.  Anything that you wear whether it is dressy or casual should fit you right. For casual wear, I personally like slightly loose fitted because it is comfy and easy to move around in. The key here is to make sure that is it proportion to your body size and type.  Some oversized articles of clothing could possibly look frumpy if it doesn’t fit right.  If you are unsure, then it probably does not fit properly.
  2. Add a Leather Jacket.  Seriously though, (I don’t know what it is about it) but I find a leather jacket instantly makes any outfit look cool and put together.  It could be the leather or just the way it fits! Regardless, you do not need to spend a ton of money on a leather jacket to look great!  Just make sure it fits you right and the material is good quality.
  3. Keep it Simple.  Whatever you are wearing for casual wear, keep it simple.  Meaning, don’t over do it with too many trends or accessories in the outfit or too much makeup, etc.  The clothes shouldn’t be wearing or overpowering you, they should be complimenting you.
  4. Sneakers.  Last but not least, it’s all in the shoes. I love converse sneakers and how they (like the leather jacket) instantly add another it factor to an outfit.  The best part is they are comfy too!  I’ve also had my eye on a few other sneakers/runners too! (such as these nike ones or these Adidas superstar sneakers)

What are some of your tips for making casual wear look cool?  If you have any suggestions for future posts or something you would like me to write about, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below!  Happy Wednesday folks!

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