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How to Master the All Black Outfit Like a Pro

October 12, 2016

Do you want to know how to wear black on black while looking chic?!  Parisians have it nailed down, models have mastered it, so can you!  If it is styled correctly, you can create a look that is chic yet stylish and mysteriously sexy!  So scroll through to find out How You Can Master the All Black Outfit Like a Pro!


cnp_4777 cnp_4748 cnp_4701 cnp_4760-copy-3 cnp_4739 cnp_4706 cnp_4760-copy-4 cnp_4708 cnp_4742wearing h&m trench coat (similar) / joe fresh tank top (similar) / garage jeans (similar) / Daniel Wellington watch / asos heels (similar) / h&m bag (similar)

Photographs by Christian Nambayan

How to Master the All Black Outfit Like a Pro

The secret behind mastering the black on black look is through texture, fit, silhouette and adding a statement piece!

  1.  Texture.  The key to making an all black outfit work is to mix texture! There are so many options but some of my favorite textures to mix are faux fur, leather, lace, silk, denim, velvet, wool and cashmere.  Just have fun with it!  In my outfit, I’m mixing denim, with my faux leather bag and silky top.  The mix of textures will really make the different pieces pop and it will add dimension to your outfit while not looking flat!
  2. Fit.  Another important factor for making this look work is the fit of the clothing.  If it doesn’t fit you (too big or too small) or just looks off, chances are it won’t look polished.  Take it to a seamstress, trust me it will make a huge difference!
  3. Create a Silhouette. Black is such a strong color creating a bold silhouette. Choose items with interesting lines to enhance the silhouette of your natural curves.  You can do that by wearing items such as a long skirt, peplum top, wide leg pants, culottes, etc.
  4. Add A Statement Piece. Whether it is an accessory (hat, scarf or piece of jewelry), add something to your outfit that will add interest to your outfit or make it pop a little more.  In this outfit I’m wearing here, I added a watch as a statement piece to my look.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts, what are your tips for mastering the black on black look?  Any future posts that you would like to see? Drop me a line in the comment below or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you guys! xo

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