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How to Rock a One Piece Bathing Suit

August 14, 2015
I remember back in the day when one piece bathing suits were simple and not much to them.  Well that is not the case these days so switch up your bikini for a fun one piece this summer.  Click the read more for a few tips on how to rock a one piece bathing suit.
1.  Pick the right fit and style that you feel comfortable in.  We are all different shapes and sizes and that is okay so find a one piece that accentuates your curves and that you feel comfortable in.  Knowing what works and looks good on your body is a huge asset and there are so many fun options choose to from and things that you can do to hide certain areas with fringe or ruffles details or accentuate your curves with cutouts or backless details.  The options are unless.
2.  You have to feel confident and comfortable in your body and skin.  I’ve said this before in previous posts but confidence and self love is key and is something that cannot be worn. We all come up with the “things we do not like about our body” and you should not make that your focus.  Instead, love the body you have, big or small, curvy or slim and that will show and you can rock that one piece or anything for that matter.
What is your take on one piece bathing suits, do you where them?  What is your favorite type of one piece? (cut out, one with fringe details or ruffles, etc) I hope you have a great weekend of fun in the sun friends! 😉 xo

wearing h&m bathing suit / earrings c/o Nobis & grey / aldo rings
 Photographs by Alexandra Hahn
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