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The Truth Behind My Silence

January 7, 2017

Some of you may be wondering, what happened?  How come you have not done a post in a while?  Are you still blogging?  All of these questions that I have been asking myself lately.  Should I continue blogging? Does what I am doing make me happy? Does this blog serve any purpose or value to myself and to my readers?  Scroll through to find out the answers and the reasons behind why I have not posted in a while and why I have been silent.cnp_3976

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Photographs by Christian Nambayan

Six months ago, I could tell you how much I love this outfit and how it made me feel great and confident.  But the reality is, most of us have been consumed to think that we need more clothes or unnecessary things in our lives in order to be happy.  I used to be that girl.  The truth is, we only need the basics to be happy.  Shelter (a house), food, clothes and some money to support ourselves.  What does this all have to do with fashion and this outfit?  The choices that we make everyday have an impact on the outcome of our lives and our happiness.  From what we eat (our fuel that keeps us going) to what we wear and how it makes us feel (confident).  Before I moved into my new apartment last year, I knew I had to part with a lot of things and I did.  I’m grateful that I did because the things that I decided to bring with me have purpose, meaning and bring me joy.

So will I continue blogging?  At the moment, I don’t know.  Sometimes we go about life thinking that we know which direction we want to go and then stumble across new discoveries.  I am currently in a new discovery path that is truly making me happy.  The one thing that I do know is that I want to live a life that is filled with meaning and purpose.  So I might change the direction of this blog or I might shut it down.  I have not decided yet which is why I have been silent.  I want to spread joy and happiness and I hope that this post has inspired you to enjoy the simple things in life.

What are your thoughts?  What makes you happy?

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