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Flare World Runway Tour event

October 3, 2013
On Tuesday night I attended the Flare World runway tour event. The event started off at the the four seasons with a reception. You could get your portrait done, they had cocktails, delicious petite desserts, make up and hair stylists so you could get your hair and makeup done, or your nails painted.
After the reception the runway show kicked off! The runway show was a preview of the trends for fall. There were so many great outfits! My personal favorite trends for fall are mid-century and oversized coats! Which one is your favorite trend for fall from below?
After all the pampering and the fashion show, we got to leave with a bag full of goodies! Overall, I had a great time taking in all the fashion! Xoxo

Portrait taken by thecollectiveyou.com
With Jody Vance from BT
Fall runway trends: Mid-century, pastels, oversized coats, punk, new structuralism, strapless & jumpsuits, plaids, novelty bags, thigh-high boots, flats & t-straps, short leather gloves, long sleeve-like gloves bulky mittens 
Hair trend for fall
Wearing aldo necklace, smart set t-shirt & blazer, dynamite skirt, Vince camuto heels & michael kors bag

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