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How to Look Sexy & Classy

August 3, 2015
Like most women, we all want to feel and look sexy; it can be done in a classy and tasteful way for a daytime outfit like this one or any other outfit for any occasion.  Click the read more for tips on how to look sexy & classy.

1.  Show off the appropriate amount of skin and have the other areas covered up.  As a rule of thumb, it is all about proportion.  If you are going to show lots of leg, make sure your upper body is covered and the same goes if you are going to show off more upper body (low neckline) then cover your legs.  Similarly, with a low back or showing a part of your midriff – make sure that your front is covered and you are not showing too much leg.  By doing this, your showing a bit of skin making it sexy yet tasteful and classy at the same time.
2. Dress according to your body type and figure. Click here for a post where I talked about on how to dress for your body type and figure.  We are all different shapes and sizes which makes us unique.  Somethings look flattering on certain body types and others not so much.  Knowing how to dress your body figure and type is important. So if your curvy and bigger busted, a low neckline is not a good idea but something that covers up your upper body and hugs your figure slightly is a better choice.  
3.  Dress to your height.  If your tall, it is probably difficult to find dresses, skirts and shorts that are not too short for you so make sure that you follow rule #1 and that your hemline goes to a bit above your knee.  
4.  Show off your curves by wearing something that is slightly fitted.  We are women and are born with curves for a reason, why hide behind something baggy?  Just keep in mind rule #1 above with showing the right amount of skin as this will make your outfit look classy and tasteful while showing off your curves!
5. Confidence is sexy. This is not something that can be copied or worn, it comes from within and you have to love yourself and who you are…so love your body and owning it will show and people will notice that!  
 That’s it for tips today friends!  I hope your Monday is sexy and classy just like you! 😉

Wearing zara dress / dynamite jacket / h&m bag / earrings c/o nobis & grey / converse sneakers / aldo flats
Photographs by Christian Nambayan
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