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How to Layer for Fall + Look Chic in Minutes

September 28, 2015

I have still managed to find ways to wear my summer clothes into fall as also seen in some of my previous posts here and here.  And given the fact that summer only lasts a couple months here and the weird weather we have been having lately (crazy windstorm one day, sunny the next day). I will find any way that I can to hold onto summer (call me summer craz-ey but I love it!) while still looking like I am dressed for the fall season.  In fact, this dress is another perfect example of something that can be worn in the spring/summer or fall even winter given the right colors/items that it is styled with.  Click through to find out how you can achieve a look like this, master fall layering and look chic in a couple minutes…

wearing 8th & main sweater / joe fresh dress / aldo hat / walmart boots / coach madison lindsey satchel

How to Layer

1. When it comes to layering, take into consideration where you live and your current weather conditions.  Does it rain a lot, does it get warm then cold, is it sunny one minute then raining the next?  That is one thing to think about so that you know how many layers and what kind of layers you should wear.

2.  Wear a dress of thick cotton material that is short sleeves or thick straps.  This is essential because the fabric is important in order to make it look like it fits into the fall season and for those moments when you are warm and need to peel the layers off.

3. Choose fall colors such as dark greens, dark blue, brown, black, dark reds, etc.  The white and blue stripes work as they are great fall tones as opposed to choosing a bright pink dress which would be a little harder to work in the fall.

4. Layer with an oversized cardigan or pullover sweater.  This will keep you warm for those cooler periods and can easily be taken off when it is warm.

How to Look Chic in Minutes

5.  A good trick if you don’t have time to wash your hair is throw on a hat.  Covers the greasy locks and makes you look effortless in minutes and a great way to keep your face/hair dry in case it rains.

6. Ankle boots = chic.  I think ankle boots make any outfit look better and chic especially in the fall and keeps your toes dry and warm.

I hope you guys have a great Monday!  What are some of your tips that you use to master fall layering and look chic? xo

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