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In My Bag

July 10, 2015
Being a woman, naturally most of us carry a bag or purse (whatever you may call it) but we always fill it with so many items that we call “essentials”.  I must admit that I am guilty of lugging around sometimes way too many things but cleaning out and downsizing your bag is always important!  Click the read more to find out my essential items that I carry around everyday!

My essential six items that I tote around with me everywhere are my wallet, glasses, some lip balm, hand cream, my aldo sunglasses and delicious smelling lavanila vanilla coconut perfume.  The one thing that is not included that I usually have in my bag is a compact umbrella because when you live in Vancouver, you never know when it is going to pour! (except right now during this heat wave that we are having!)
Hope you have a great weekend! xo

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