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How to Add Interest to Your Outfit

July 8, 2015
 Hey friends, I hope you are having a great week and that you are enjoying your summer so far! This is one of my favorite dresses right now and I’ve been wearing it on repeat non-stop lately! The light fabric and fun cut out open back is also perfect for the hot heat wave that we have been having right now in Vancouver.
Transitioning my wardrobe to minimalist has been great and so easy to dress; I am finding different ways to add interest and textures to my outfits so that they look unique, interesting but still classic.  Click the read more to find out some tips on how to add interest to your outfit.

1. Choose fabric that has texture such as tweed, vertical stripes (as shown in my dress), etc. By choosing fabric that has some sort of texture, you are adding a unique touch/interest to your outfit while it still looks classic and simple.
2. Stick to minimalist items/clothing.  See my post here on tips on how to make your wardrobe/outfit minimalistic.  Your texture is making your outfit look unique so stick to simple neutral colors.  It will be much easier to mix and match items.
3.  Layer your outfit.  Whether it is your top, skirt or dress that has layers like this dress, layers is another great way to add dimension to your outfit.
4. Accessorize your outfit with jewelry.  A great way to keep your cost down of buying new clothes is to add interesting accessories such as roman numerical style, or different shapes (I’m obsessed with my square shape earrings right now).
What do you like to add to your outfits to make it look interesting?
Dress c/o Parker Sample sale (similar) / asos heels (similar) / h&m bag (similar) / Numeris Bangle c/o Nobis & Grey / Rings & Earrings c/o Nobis & Grey

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