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Three Must Haves for Summer Heat Waves

July 6, 2015
Three Must Haves for Summer Heat Waves
Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend in the sunshine friends!

We have been having a huge heat wave here in Vancouver and it can be difficult to find clothing to wear to stay cool in this heat. Click the read more to find out tips/items you should wear during heat waves.

1. Find clothing that the fabric is light in material and breathable such as silk or light polyester.  The shorts and top shown here are the perfect example of material that your skin will thank you for later.

2. Stick to light colors – I know I have black shorts displayed here but I love black and it just stands out from the white background. Choose colors such as white, pinks, blues, etc. as it won’t absorb the heat as much as dark colors.

3. Select clothing that is loose. Trust me when I say that you want your clothing to be loose because the last thing that you want is your shorts, top or skirt sticking to you and all sweaty. By selecting items that are a looser fit, it allows the air to breeze through your clothing!

4.  When it comes to footwear sandals are the best way to go.  There are so many fun styles such as strappy or simple flip flops!  Just make sure you allow your toes to breathe and don’t suffocate them with warm boots (I’ve don’t know how some wear sneakers/boots in the summer and survive during the heat…)

I hope you find these tips helpful! Stay cool friends! 😉

Zara white halter tank top
38 CAD –

Abercrombie & Fitch pleated shorts
25 CAD –

30 CAD –

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