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Barcelona: A Trip Down Memory Lane

July 3, 2015
Back in September of last year, I went to Europe for three weeks and one of the places that I visited was Barcelona.  If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I went to a lot more cities than just London and Paris (as those are all the pictures that I have posted on my blog so far).
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Well, I still have a bunch of photos that I am in the process of reviewing and editing, so I will be posting more pictures from my trip from time to time (I meant to post them during my trip or shortly after but it did not work out how I planned).  However, it is always fun to go back and look at the memories from the trip!

Anyways, a little bit more about my trip.  I went to London for three days then Paris for three days and then Barcelona for three days (and lots of places after that), which ended up being two full days with travel time.  I thought that was enough time to see Barcelona but clearly it wasn’t as I think one would need at least five days to see the city.
As far as location, I stayed in the heart of Gracia of Barcelona and I would definitely recommend staying in this neighborhood. What I loved about Gracia is that it was quiet, cute, in a safe area, really easy to get to from the airport, close by all the main attractions and within the proximity of some great restaurants, nightlife and shopping.  Gracia has some of the best local restaurants and really cheap tapas (small plates) so you couldn’t go wrong with eating at any of the restaurants nearby.
Aside from all the other great attributes that I love about Barcelona mentioned above,  I love that every street that you walk down is so beautiful!  Sometimes, I could not help but stop and gaze at all the stunning detail (truly a photographer’s dream)….
My whole purpose for this trip and spending time in Barcelona is that I wanted to see the city, experience the culture, taste amazing food and meet awesome people.  From the two short days that I was there, I saw some live flamenco dancing, tried some delicious spanish tapas & churros, explored a bit of the city and meet some amazing people…goal accomplished!  I didn’t get to see as much as I wanted to but the whole experience was worth the short visit and I know what to expect when I go back to Barcelona one day!
What do you like to do when you go traveling?
Stay tuned, more pictures from my travels coming soon! Hope you have a great weekend, friends! xo
Churros and warm chocolate dipping sauce
The Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous churches in Barcelona.  The Church began being built in 1882 and is supposed to be finished in 2026.  If you are interested in learning more about The Sagrada Familia, click here.  If you are planning on visiting, I would recommend buying your ticket online as there is usually long line ups.
As I walked through Barcelona, I noticed that two different flags are hanging from some balconies.  The story behind it is pretty interesting but the flags shown in this picture represents supporters of Catalonia’s independence from Spain.  If you are interested in reading more about the history behind the hanging of the flags, click here.
The view from my balcony
Outfit #1: wearing thrifted dress / asos sandals
Outfit #2: old navy dress / asos sandals / dynamite bag
Outfit #3: club monaco t-shirt / american eagle jeans / tom toms / aldo sunglasses / dynamite bag

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