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What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

May 29, 2015
What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Summer is quickly approaching and that means wedding season is coming up. Here is my guide on what to wear for the different types of occasion weddings.

Formal/Black Tie
– You want something fancy and elegant. Go with light breathable material and pair it with gold or silver accessories (depending on the color of your dress). Floor length would be a perfect choice but be sure not to wear white or anything that has lots of layers (more than the bride) because you do not want to take the attention away from her special day. Generally the invitation should indicate if it is black tie or formal but usually these type of weddings will be at fancy hotels.

– Go with a fun floral dress with different lengths or a pretty bright color like yellow, soft pink, light blue. Just make sure you are not wearing the same color as the bridesmaids. Heels can be anything from strappy to a pump.

– Floral is for some reason my go to for anything to do with beach, gardens or backyard as I feel it as a bit more of a casual vibe to it. Pair it with a cute clutch (no metallic colors as that will make it more dressy – black, tan or neutral will do) and either cute flat sandals or wedges.

185 CAD –

Oasis pencil dress
135 CAD –

Jarlo maxi dress
170 CAD –

ASOS mini dress
80 CAD –

19 CAD –

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