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Eco Fashion Week | Launch of H&M Conscious Collection

April 22, 2015
with Vicki from Style By Fire
The first night of Eco Fashion Week on Sunday kicked off at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel for the unveiling of H&M’s Conscious Collection for Spring/Summer 2015 for media and industry insiders. The collection consisted of mostly neutral tones, creating an elegant and sophisticated vibe.  I must say, I absolutely loved all the pieces!
About the H&M Conscious Collection
H&M is introducing socially responsible methods to its process of producing and handling garments.  It is one of the world’s largest user of organic cotton and tencel which is a silk-like fabric that has minimal impact on the environment.  H&M does not sell any real fur or angora wool, while maintaining strict standards for animal welfare.  One of the first companies to work with Greenpeace, H&M’s goal is to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals throughout its supply chain.  It also supports and is proactive in ensuring fair living wages are implemented across the entire textile industry, including in countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia where their garments are made.
H&M also encourages consumers to participate in its eco-conscious efforts.  Shoppers are invited to refer to to find out how to care for their new garment in ways that are less impactful on the environment.  When a garment is no longer wanted, feel free to drop it off at a H&M retailer so that it can be given new life through recycling and re-using.  This way, no textile goes to a landfill and the production loop is closed.
The new H&M Conscious Collection is now available in-store!  I would definitely recommend checking out the stunning pieces! Happy Shopping!
  Stay tuned for more Eco Fashion Week coverage coming soon…
With Mona and Anna from Sidebuy
 Myriam Laroche, Founder of Eco Fashion Week & Emily Scarlett, PR Manager for H&M Canada
Wearing H&M top & dress / aldo earrings / le chateau heels / tally weijl purse

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