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How to Wear Leather Pants in Winter + Stay Warm

November 23, 2015


It’s been a crazy busy few weeks that last while and I can’t believe how fast fall flew by and that it is winter already!  With that said, it is starting to get chilly and that means bundling up for cool days which can make it tricky to for dressing.  I’ve got a few tips on how you can look stylish in leather pants and stay warm, just click through to read more!

DSC_1026DSC_1040DSC_1044DSC_1056DSC_1022DSC_1057DSC_1061DSC_1018wearing forever 21 jacket / wilfred free gigi sweater / zara pants (similar) / aldo heels (similar)

How to Wear Leather Pants in Winter + Stay Warm

  1. Wear lots of warm layers.  It may look like this jacket that I am wearing does the job and keeps me nice and toasty warm – it actually doesn’t.  It’s a great jacket but I generally wear my oversized sweater, another fitted sweater and a tank top (lots of layers, right? I get super cold during the winter).  The key is the more layers the better and you can peel them off if you need to.  Some can handle cold weather and I can’t so it is all a matter of finding how many warm or thick layers work for you.
  2. Pair it with a boot or ankle boot.  I’ve always heard the saying if your hands are cold the rest of your body is cold.  Well, I think the same thing applies to your feet!  If your feet are cold, the rest of your body will be cold.  Pair your leather pants with a comfortable boot or ankle boot.  (Another tip: sometimes I wear cozy fluffy socks under my boots)
  3. If you can’t handle wearing leather pants, I suggest you wear leggings or thermal pants underneath.  Otherwise, simply go with a pant that has a leather stripe down the side and you’ve got some leather pants.  Just a note though, leather pants can get super hot so you will definitely want to make sure your lady parts can breathe!

Do you wear leather pants in the winter?  How do you stay warm?

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