7 tips on How to Throw a Great Party + Style-Love Launch Party Recap

November 30, 2015


Prior to transferring my blog to this new site, I had spent a fair bit of time working behind the scenes to ensure the transition went smoothly.  From exporting posts to redirecting my link to my new blog, it was a lot of work but I was excited to make the transition to my own domain.  I thought, why not celebrate the launch of my new blog home with a launch party!  Just like working on the blog, the party planning was a lot of work but fun too!  It turned out to be a sunny day, I had two djs pumping some amazing jams (if you are ever looking for a dj in the Vancouver area, contact me and I can pass along their info), delicious sandwiches, sausage rolls and fruit tarts, drinks, prizes/giveaways, guests could Shop my Closet/Vancouver Vogue‘s Closet and Nobis & Grey‘s fabulous jewelry line, Rush Salon had a talented makeup artist available to do makeup touch ups and of course, the talented photographer, Christian to capture all our fun!  I had a blast and I am super thankful for all of those that came out and helped out!

Party planning is no easy task, it can be daunting and stressful!  Whether you are launching your business, throwing an office/holiday party or just having friends over for a gathering, scroll through to read more on my tips on How You Can Throw a Great Party!

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Hair & Makeup by: Rush Salon

Photographs by Christian Nambayan

Location: Rush Salon, Vancouver

How to Throw a Great Party

  1. Set a realistic budget.  Knowing how much you can spend is key before you decide how many people to invite, what food to have and even when to have the event.  Be realistic with how much you can really spend and where you can save and spend more money.
  2. Set a date and time.  I’d recommend at least a couple months in advanced so that allows you enough time to choose a location and anything else that you may need to book in advanced.
  3. Choose/set a location.  Before you can invite guests, have a location set whether that is at your house, at the office or a venue.
  4. Invite guests.  There are various methods of sending invites to your guests but popular methods are creating a facebook event, via email or sending e-invites.
  5. Create an atmosphere for the event.  A popular trick to create an atmosphere at your party is to have music playing.  Choose the music according to your event/guests or have a dj play at your party.  Another method is to play games at your party.
  6. Have food/snacks/drinks available for guests.  Like most weddings/parties I’ve been to, it is all about the food.  If you ask a person, how was the party, they will most likely comment on the food, drinks or music. (the food was delicious, the music was great, got everyone dancing…)
  7. If applicable, have prizes/giveaways or thank you for guests that attend and help out at your event.  Give something to the guests that came out to your event and to those that helped out as a token of your appreciation.  It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or big, but the thought counts.  If you are tight on budget, I’d recommend making homemade treats/cookies (who doesn’t like sweet treats?) Just make sure to keep in mind some may have allergy/dietary restrictions [sorry Jon! 🙁 ]

 What are some of your tips/tricks for throwing a successful party?  Leave a comment below!  xo

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